Flash Gumbo

by Jason Rolfe

ImageThe first issue of Flash Gumbo, containing my short story, “A Heavy Burden”, has gone live. Flash Gumbo is published by Gumbo Press, a small publishing house founded by Calum Kerr (writer, lecturer, and Director of National Flash-Fiction Day) with his wife, Kath Kerr, and co-editor, Mike Somers.

You can view the first issue here.

“A Heavy Burden” is the second ‘on the way to work’ story I’ve had published this year, the other being “An Inconvenient Corpse”, scheduled for publication this May in Pure Slush.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this story. You can comment here if you’d like, or on Flash Gumbo directly. Either way, spread the word! This is a wonderful new market for Flash Fiction!