An Inconvenient Corpse

by Jason Rolfe

ImageMy short story, “An Inconvenient Corpse” will appear in Pure Slush on May 24 as part of their “a year in travel” series. I was really pleased to become a part of this series. I’ve enjoyed reading the work they publish. They’ve published several writers I really admire, so, as a writer, I am extremely pleased to be in the Pure Slush mix!

“An Inconvenient Corpse” is one of a series of ‘incidents’ I’ve been writing over the past year. These incidents were inspired, first and foremost, by a large black crow I passed during my two-minute morning commute. They were also inspired by French author Alphonse Allais, and fed by the encouragement of Teri Lee Kline. The greatest influence on these incidents, however, is the world I live in. Although these tales are completely fabricated, they are entirely true and I stand by every single word!

“An Inconvenient Corpse” will be published on May 24. In the meantime, you can view my Pure Slush author profile here.