“Rolfe is a worthy successor to Alphonse Allais” – Norman Conquest

Jason Rolfe writes fiction that is both darkly comic and comically absurd. He often uses humour to shed light on things he considers philosophically absurd. His recent publications include the novella, An Archive of Human Nonsense (Snuggly Books, 2017), and the brief collection, An Inconvenient Corpse (Black Scat Books Absurdist Texts & Documents #30, 2014).  Jason regularly contributes to The Black Scat Review and Black Scat Books’ online journal, Le Scat Noir. In his spare time, he works full time  for a large multi-national corporation. He (likes to think he) plays blues guitar. He also enjoys silent comedies, writing about himself in the third person and collecting old books.

His wife and his daughter mean the world to him.