A Slapstick Tragedy

by Jason Rolfe

I recently submitted a 62 word short story entitled “Time Slips Away (A 62 Word Slapstick Tragedy) to a 62 word short story contest. I’m pleased to say that this absurd little story placed 9th out of 110 entries. Trust me, given the fact that the slapstick tragedy genre is exactly 62 words long, 9th place is a pretty big deal! Here it is in it’s 62 word entirety:


Time Slips Away (A 62 Word Slapstick Comedy)

I was at the corner of Keil and Riverview eating a banana yesterday. When I finished it, I dropped the peel on the sidewalk. As luck would have it, Time happened by and stepped on it. He promptly slipped away with the peel impossibly stuck to the bottom of his foot. Now, with each passing day, Time slips further and further away.