I’m An April Fool!

by Jason Rolfe


The April issue of Le Scat Noir contains my short tribute to Irish writer Máirtin O Cadhain called “A Heap and a Half.” I consider myself fortunate to be included in this particular issue because it also contains works by Alphonse Allais, Darlene Altschul, Adrienne Auvray, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Farewell Debut, Peter Gambaccini, Eckhard Gerdes, Jan Vander Laenen, Terri Lloyd, Derek Pell, Frank Pulaski, Shane Roeschlein, Paul Rosheim, Francisque Sarcey, Doug Skinner, Carol White, Carla M. Wilson, & D. Harlan Wilson.

Le Scat Noir is typically a talent showcase, but April’s issue takes it up a notch (and I’m not just saying that because my story’s in there and I’m unbelievably arrogant either. I’m saying it because I’m unbelievably arrogant AND it’s true!)

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