Buster Keaton

by Jason Rolfe

What you have to do is create a character. Then the character just does his best, and there’s your comedy. – Buster Keaton

b8a0be81f362c0f524ef543eb84ead9eMy short story, “Buster Keaton” can be found in the current issue of Le Scat Noir (Number 217). I am a fan of silent comedy – Buster in particular – and so I wrote this short piece as a  simple tribute to the Old Stone Face.

There is something comically tragic (or tragically comic) about Buster. Perhaps he, better than anyone else, understood how closely linked comedy and tragedy truly are. He lived a life that encapsulated both, and yet he lived to make us laugh.

You can read “Buster Keaton” here. I am pleased to have it included with so many wonderful works in Le Scat Noir Number 217.