Que Voulez-Vous Dire?

by Jason Rolfe

lescatnoir216.PNGMy short story, “Que Voulez-Vous Dire” can be read in Le Scat Noir Number 216 along with works by Alphonse Allais, Samuele Bastianello, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Colin Dodds, Allen Forrest, Eckhard Gerdes, Derek Pell, Alice Pulaski, Frank Pulaski, Erik Satie, and Doug Skinner.

I find it fitting that this issue of LSN contains works by Allais and Skinner, because “Que Voulez-Vous Dire” is a tip of the hat to both! Allais appears in the story itself, while Skinner is responsible for the numerous English translations of Alphonse’s work published by Black Scat Books.

Translation is daunting business. Translating the works of an author known for his humorous wordplay and wit must be extremely difficult. Fortunately for us, Mr. Skinner is not only appreciative of Allais’ humour, he gets it! He gets it in French, and is able to help us get it en anglais! Black Scat is the home of Alphonse Allais in English!

You can download and read Le Scat Noir Number 216 for free here!