Mexican Piñata Blues

by Jason Rolfe

stockvault-mexican-pinata137863Dominic Ward had this to say about my short story, “Mexican Piñata Blues”:

Jason E. Rolfe’s Mexican Piñata Blues…has to rate as some of the strongest writing I’ve read recently. The writing is easy, unforced, and it effortlessly conveys the ideas that it is asked to carry. Rolfe moves the whole book in the one confident direction. It must have taken quite a bit of old fashioned hard work to get the book in such fine order. It’s a glorious work!

“Mexican Piñata Blues remains my personal favourite “incident on the way to work”. In a group of very personal stories it’s probably the most personal for me, and the most absurd. I chose to end the collection with that piece because I felt it summed up the point I wanted to make – but it wasn’t the ending I originally had in mind for the collection. I originally ended the collection with an incident in which I died and went to hell, only to discover that hell was…well…I’ll sit on that ending for a little while and when I release an expanded edition of An Inconvenient Corpse I’ll be sure to include it!