A Writer of Ideas

by Jason Rolfe

“Jason E. Rolfe and Norman Conquest…are both fascinating writers, the former an absurdist and the latter a true wordsmith. Jason’s value lies in his ability to dominate his pages; Norman dominates individual words. Reading Jason requires focused intuition while Norman is best read with the loosed subconscious. Jason writes from ideas; Norman writes to a beat.” – Dominic Ward, author of The Hunter (Journal of Experimental Fiction, Volume 64)

I am thrilled by Dominic’s commentary for several reasons. To begin with, having recently read The Hunter I have an appreciation for his work and writing style. The fact that Dominic mentions me in the same breath as Norman Conquest, whom I admire as a writer, an artist, and a person is immensely satisfying. Lastly, and in particular, Dominic mentions that I “write from ideas”. My strongest desire as a writer is to do just that. If I am recognized as anything in terms of writing, I want it to be as a writer of ideas.

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