Now We Are Ten

by Jason Rolfe

obj306geo329pg27p7The current tenth anniversary issue of Sein und Werden celebrates ten years of post-modern surrealism, speculative absurdism, and existential jibber-jabber! Contributors include Gary Budgen, Robert Cole, B. Drew Collier, the Clockhouse London Writers, Rachel Smith, Lisa Zaran, Norman Conquest, Tantra Bensko, Helen Frank, Michael Prihoda, Rachel Rodman, Rick Hutchinson, Juliet Cook, Matthew Konkel, Rachel Kendall, j/j hastain, Carol Shillibeer, Nelly Sanchez, Martin Heavisides, Star Spider, Terry Grimwood, Mark Hastings, V. Sarada Holt, Martin David Edwards, Suzanne Grazyna, Daniel W. Galef and Shri L. Wright. It also contains my short story (unofficially called “Esse et fiery”).

Each story is entitled “Now We Are Ten” as per the celebratory issue’s theme. My own is a tribute to Rachel Kendall, Sein, and absurdism – because markets for the work Rachel publishes are few and far between. Writers should never be forced to conform in order to find a home for their work. Creativity should be allowed to flourish, and for ten years Sein und Werden has given us that opportunity!

You can read “Now We Are Ten” here.