Whimsical Tales…

by Jason Rolfe


“Whimsical tales with traces of darkness…”

This is the full cover, front and back, for An Inconvenient Corpse. The publisher provided several covers for me to choose from, but in the end we agreed that this (the first one I was shown) best represented the stories I’d written. While the incidents in An Inconvenient Corpse are, for the most part, whimsical, there is a darker undercurrent that flows through them. When I wrote these incidents, I did so as an outlet for my own depression, my constant (chronic) anxiety, and my deeply rooted fear that everything – from life to death – is completely absurd! The cigarette-smoking corpse appears in the story ‘An Inconvenient Corpse’ while the black background suggests (I think) the dark undercurrent I’ve mentioned. I think it’s a perfect cover!