All Within the Tender Bones

by Jason Rolfe

“Why in the hour of birth we embrace the whole of man, his frame still warm from his mother, and extend the strength of our power through the body of our newborn child, we are lords and masters all within the tender bones.” – Prudentius

Several years ago I wrote a series of interrelated short stories based on the idea that the ‘pantheon’ Aurelius Prudentius Clemens wrote about in The Psychomachia was something more than symbolic. I wanted to write a noir-ish story about the virtues and the vices that constantly toy with our minds. In fact, I wrote four stories (and plotted two more) before heading off in a different direction. About a year ago I re-read the first two stories in the set. They were (in order), “Mother Greed’s Black Milk” and “All Within the Tender Bones”. I thought they were good, the second one being a bit better, so I submitted “Tender Bones” to Mike Davis and The Lovecraft eZineMike liked the story. We actually discussed it via Skype, which made my day. Mike’s the only editor I’ve met who’s done that. He made a few suggestions, I made a few minor changes, and “All Within the Tender Bones” will appear in the August, 2014 issue of The Lovecraft eZine.

I may submit the other stories in the set. Then again I might not. I am glad I submitted this one though. I think it’s found an excellent home, and for that I’m grateful.