A Heavy Burden

by Jason Rolfe

My short story “A Heavy Burden” has been accepted for publication by Gumbo Press, and will appear in the first issue of Flash Gumbo due out soon! “A Heavy Burden” is a very short (but weighty) piece about grudges. It was actually inspired by a Facebook post served up by one of my childhood friends.

As a minimalist I enjoy writing and reading flash fiction because it is so succinct. Flash fiction isn’t overburdened by wordy prose. Good flash fiction makes a strong, clear, and concise point. It’s an ideal medium for the satire and the absurdism I enjoy (reading and writing).

Flash Gumbo is a new market for this brand of fiction. I’m delighted they’ve accepted “A Heavy Burden” for their first issue, and as a reader I’m thrilled to have a new place to go for quality short short (sometimes really short) fiction. I will definitely follow Flash Gumbo on a regular basis.

Fellow writers; if you are interested in submitting something to Flash Gumbo, you can find their guidelines here.